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"Nothing makes my man more attractive to me than being a great Dad and I think that a man who stays at home to care for his children is highly admirable." Kyile T

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"For me, it was fundamentally the most important thing I've ever done in my life

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Interview With Stay-at-Home Dads

We asked stay-at home dads to discuss the benefits that they get to enjoy while having an efficient home ventilation system. They were also asked to reveal what kind of unit they installed at home, whether it is a whole house ventilation system, a sub floor ventilation system, basement ventilation system, or a wet area ventilation system.

There are a growing number of Stay-at-Home dads in Australia and elsewhere.  Many of the issues facing stay-at-home fathers are unique to dads.  


Men @ Home aims to provide resources for dads and cater for the interests of a stay-at-home fathers with regularly updates and new content. 


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