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Home at Yellow.  A yellow pages sponsored site, but has allot of info for renovating and decorating.


Decorating Hints- a series of articles (44) on decorating basics 


Bunnings  while the site is mainly an ad for their shop, there is DYI section with allot to fact sheets


Compete Home  to much to mention, allot on renovation how tos; design and professional examples - have a look


Dulux  Another site flogging its product, but go beyond that and there's some good info on painting and types of paints.


Woodweb  Heaps about working with wood. 


HomeSite a fair bit of advertising, but also some good tips and DIY section.


Hardware Shop - while basically an outlet for selling tools, it does have some good tips and information sheets  (while you're there you might as well get that tool you need)


Other Stuff we like

Google maps - Search any address in the world.  Aerial photos (Like Google Earth) but also maps with street names etc.  Amazing   @ Google Maps


Radio on the ComputerListen to the  news on your computer  More than the headlines.  Plus heap more.  Worth an explore @ ABC    


Podcasts - download more than just music.  ABC & Commercial radio programs (and some TV programs).   Burn it on CD an play it in the car.





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