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- The independent woman's curse - are independent women leading to unsatisfied husbands?


The "daddy wars" or the "war on dads?"

A view on fatherhood 

29 September 20007 Are men happiest when working? This study says yes.


Alpha Women, Beta Men- this one cuts close to the bone.. can women respect a SAHD?


6 Sept- the views of Donald Trump on SAHDs  (what would he know?)


2 Sept 2007 

Kids lose out when dad works long hours Just 3.4 per cent of Australian families comprise a stay-at-home dad and working mum.


The Wonders of Commercializing Fatherhood - 30 Aug 2007 - short piece on dads and marketing. Seen any dads in back to school ads??


Myths of the stay-at-home dad- 30 Aug 2007   - Are they happy?- Mainly a desperate attempt to write an article?


Dads can have it all

Australian  article on SAHDS


Fair feud? 6 issues couples should argue about- the usual - sex, kids, work etc - worth a look

Linking Wives Of Stay At Home Dads  While this is a blog its an  interesting development- support for wives of SAHDs

M@H like this account of a SAHD experience. 

A US  survey reports that if money were no object, 68% of dads would consider being a stay-at-home parent.


Views of 4 SAHDs from South Africa


Sept 2007.  Bios of two Australian stay at home dads and some of the issues they face.  Best bit about this article is the mention of


Sept 2007. Scottish dads are doing it too.  No matter where you are the issue are similar.


Aug 2007  Don't call him Mr. Mom.  US research on SAHDs.  Confirmed some of the difficulties facing SAHDs, but  also, "Their satisfaction and marital happiness were as high as traditional parents... They felt confident and good-humoured about the challenges."


Aug 2007.  My Dad the Inventor.  With dads now being more involved with home life, it has sporned a wave of inventions of products to help around the house that only a dad would of thought of.


Aug 2007.    Fathers Take more Care of the Kids.  Reports views of experts on family trends.


SAHD what type of consumer are they?  Aug 2007.  A US book "Karma Queens, Greek Gods and Innerpreners" defines new types of consumers.  Apparently SAHDs are music loving and handy around the house. 




Return to work for SAHD is not easy. Aug 2007

Men have the added problem of trying to return to work in a society that just doesn�t get why they made the decision to leave a budding career in the first place.


Also see this view  @ Stollerderby

And here's a 2003 article in the Wall Street Journal on the same topic.

July 2007   Bernice Kanner's book, "When It Comes to Guys, What's Normal?", lists 21 strange things about otherwise normal guys.

According to the book 38% of men would be cool with being a stay-at-home dad.


Aust. July 2007

A new study has found that working wives with husbands who roll up their sleeves around the home are more likely to become dads.


UK July 2007

"It's the bitterest of ironies: thousands of men who've given up work to care for their children are being ditched by their high-flying wives - who wanted them to stay at home in the first place."

With many, many comments


America's Got Talent Down to Final 20   US July 2007

Ok, maybe its not news, but one of the  favourites of the US version of the TV show is a stay at home dad.


See him on video 





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Men @ Home have been featured on ABC rural radio and "Outlook " magazine.  We just thought we would tell.



Conversations with stay-at-home dads.  Read the ABC article or  listen to the interview here



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