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Kids are asleep, playing next door... what next...


Chess  Try online chess.  Free to play up to 6 games at once.  Have a chat with your opponent at the same time. Great site.    


Risk play risk on line -free to join up.



Cant get enough Sudoku - try this  Play online or print the puzzles


Game of Pool - simple, but could be addictive



Fark- is it news?  - Not sure - but it is amusing


Site with blokes stuff.  A bloke site. They have a US US focus.  





A Good Read


"Desperate Husbands" - a good laugh

"The  House Husband"- fiction (sort of) and funny.

"Diary of a Hapless Househusband" by  Sam Holden

"Another's Man's Life" by Greg Williams- adult twin brothers - one is a single, hot-shot rich businessman, the other a stay-at-home-dad  swap roles and see what happens.


These books available online at Seek Books




 Have a look at a SAHD section on flickr 



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