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Unique gifts for her


Tools in Pink - stylish but practical....  Check out the matching tool belt.

Gift voucher for an exclusive spa in Melbourne.  Why not get the one for couples?

Message in a Bottle- compose your own message and have it delivered in a hear shaped bottle full of rose petals Romance plus. 

  @ Message in a Bottle



A bed of roses.  Rest is up to you. 



The Trembler - A vibrating orgasmatron - for the best head massage


What every Woman needs



The Naughty Knot - not sure who this is for.  But looks fun.



Is it a book... is it a clock??




Voodo Knife Block - now we are not sure quite what this one means.


Home Couture



Apple a Day?  Made of food grade plastic. 30cm X 30)cm, Opens up to be a fruit bowl or whatever type of storage.




Vase, with unique root system.







"A woman wishes to be the center of her husband's universe, primary in his life and competing with none for his attention. "


"Deep down they don't really want a man to act like a woman any more than a guy wants a chick to be masculine."




Indulge Her













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