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There are many parenting forums, some geared for stay at home dads.  Some are not just about parenting.  Just a few for starters.

Dads at Home  US based, but still good for a read
Raising Children Australian Site.  Lots of forums, but one just for dads.


Men @ Home's Own Forum

The only exclusive SAHD forum in Australia (if we are wrong let us know).



Forum  &   Blog Topics


  Should kids be smacked?  It's a hot debate, with very passionate views on both sides of the fence.  Here's a few forum threads on the topic

Atomic PC      Dads Stay at Home     Belly Belly


  Do you get the vibe from other people that you are not a man

Dads Stay at home         Raising Children Network


  SAHD from the women's prospective

What Happens When Dad Stays Home and Mom Works?

MomblockedÂ’ mothers feel edged out by dads


  Stay at homes Dads and Divorce

My own marriage and the myth of the stay-at-home dad. Controversial with a storm of comments.  Also see article in the UK Daily Mail.

A response at Rebel Dad


Issues facing Stay at Home dads

The only male at play -group -" the arrival of the only male adult is cause for raised eyebrows and dubious and doubtful glances."


Playgroups for stay at home daddies and more


Stay-at-home dad stays social




There are many. M@H pick our favourites, which will be added to regularly. 


The Blogfathers - a collaboration of a number of fathers - a great read.

Cynical Dad                                 

Rebel Dad                                

A Man among Mommies    

 Loobylu - for a different perspective

Where boys fear to tread

Stay at home dad: lessons learned
Fathers after 40

Daddy Zine



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