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Torch.  Squeeze the trigger for 30seconds and get 5 mins of light.

Water Powered Calculator. No Batteries.  Fill with water and number crunch away.  Full function calculator.

Power Inverter;  Plug into car cigarette lighter and run a number of applicace,like laptops, DVD players, Anything that needs up to 150 watts.

Quick Pod - clever little idea.  An extendable arm  to take those photos where your arm cannot reach


Fake Arm- this is sick - test your imagination of where it could be used (toilet, doorway??)

Latest USB cup warmer. Powered  via the usb port of your computer. With clock, usb hub etc.  

Remote Control Dragon FlyNow this is different.  Can get two on different frequencies so you can get two in the air at once.

Mini remote control tank.  Get two for battles (pretend it's for the kids) 


Golf Ball retriever - get that golf ball out the water or wherever

  @ Golf 2 Go.

Digital Microscope - now this is different. It is a hand held digital microscope.  Images are displayed on a computer screen (there is also a version that can output images to a TV).  Images can be captured and them printed or manipulated. Great for checking  for head lice in the kids.  Tried and Tested by Men @ Home     @ Expansys   


Remote Control golf ball  M@H are not sure if it works, but seems a great idea.

Deluxe Bar Master.  1000  drinks at a touch of a button - and much more.

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