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A few ideas on a very important issue.



TIP : Change a light bulb to a florescent one or plant a tree with your child.  At the same time simply explain the good it will do the environment.  Even at the age of 4 and up kids will remember and it will have an impact


TIP Get a solar kit, such as a solar powered car, and put it together with your child.  It an great illustration of how things can work without electricity.


TIP: Power Standby. Many household appliances have a power stand-by when they are using power unnecessarily.  These include computer, microwave, TV, stereos etc. 


The common advice is to turn the appliance off at the wall.  But this is not always the easiest thing to do.  Heres 2 suggestions...


Remote Off:  there are devices that plug into the power outlet that can be use to remotely turn off an appliance at the wall.  See Dick Smiths


Timer Off: timers can also be used to automatically turn appliances off at night when everyone's asleep and have then turn on again in the morning.  The digital timers with a battery back up  are best and cost around $20 from Coles


Solar Powered Illuminated street numbers

  @ d Store


Concentrix - build systems with a solar panel and motor

  @ Young Minds

Children's Weather Station

  @ Tesora

Eco Friendly and biodegradable nappies

  @ Wild Walnut


Solar Powered Helicopter

Neco - The Eco Superstore




For the Grown Ups


Tree Hugger - the name says it all - A wealth of info.


Green Fleet ; Australian site.  Calculate how much greenhouse gas your car or other activity generates.  Gives the option to pay for trees to be planted to counter balance green house gas emissions.


Greenhouse Gases   Australian Government site with tips on how to reduce green house gases



Sites the kids might want to check out


  Kids Go Wild   

  Kids Planet   

  Ollie's World games, puzzle with an environmental bent.


Neco - The Eco Superstore