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Reviews and links to useful resources on the web for dads.  Links specifically for fathers; some general parenting and some just useful.  Constantly being updated.



Parenting and Being a Stay at Home Dad

BBC parenting - A UK site - geared towards fathers in general rather than SAHDs , but still useful.


DadLabs - using the website blurb... "An edgy, fun and Informative show for fathers and the women who tolerate and/or love them. Humorous tips and advice on parenting, fatherhood, children, and coping with wives and mothers. "

Worth a look.


Family Action Centre . Their aim is to improve family relationships.  Some good material on getting Dads involved with kids: at school  etc, While SHADs are already very involved they still might pick up a few tips.   


Dads Dinner.  A fun site, Some interesting info.  A dads handbook, tips and a few laughs. 


Thanks Dad Project    Project for thanking Das who play a positive role.  Pphotos, scrap booking, messages and more


Rebel Dad - US web blog -probably one of the best around. Up to date.  Take a mostly serious look at SAHD issues and views  


Dad Squad.   Still new and light on content  at the moment but worth a look.  


I'm a dad program   for first time fathers.  Based in Melbourne.  Download the "Parent Talk" newsletter (which has some god parenting info as well) to get the details.


Dads & Daughters - things a father of girls wish they didn't have to know but must. Useful articles on various topics.


Kindred - take a look if only for the great quote on the home page. A site mainly f or a magazine with an alternative bent but the site has some good articles and info you can view.


Raising Children Network  -  Lots of parenting info and has a section dedicated to fathers. Great site.


The Funky Stork - Info and a few laughs for expectant and new dads. US based, but much is still relevant elsewhere.


Dads Stay at Home - A US site, has  a good forum and many articles on SAHDs


Parent Hacks - useful and practical tips on kids management.  Visit it if only just because of the title.


Fatherhood  Articles on being a dad and stay at home one at that.


Kid Safe   Advice on making  the home, playground etc safe- it doesn't get more important than this. 


Home with Kids - general parenting info, not necessarily for just dads 


Dads Today  - Articles, recipes; blogs and parenting info.  A US site


Baby Centre  an Australian Site, with UK mother site.. as such, much of the content comes from the UK..  Also most info is more orientated toward mothers, but has a good section for fathers.


At Home Dad  US site, with interesting articles and forums.


Sharing the Load  An article on being a father, with some interesting feed back.


Evolution of Dad Site for the up coming documentary feature film of the same name. Also checkout their You Tube hit.


Websites for Dads- a directory



Join or Start a Playgroup.    Australian based, not a great geographical coverage, but its a start.


Sutherland Shire Playgroup NSW



Help with Other Stuff 

Choice Food for Kids    One great site - ever wondered if Healthy snacks" were healthy. Check out this site.


Survive Birthday Parties - ideas for stress free kids birthdays. Also try  Hullabaloo parties


Homework Help  Put together by an Australian educator of sites that can help with homework




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