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I think it's great that some men are willing to take that plunge. parenting is a hard job no doubt about it...and I think the kids are going to reap some pretty amazing benefits.










I can't tell you how happy I am - how much happier my husband is and honestly, how much better my kids are now that my husband stays home.... It was a move that was forced upon us, but I would not change it for the world now.




I think it's a great thing when you can show your child that you don't have to be whatever everyone else says you have to be.






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My father went to work, came home from work, ate dinner (in silence) laid on the couch (in silence) watched TV, went bed and repeated this day after day. I hadn't a clue who he was or what our relationship was supposed to be, and now that he has left this world, I don't even know what I missed.

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So the man stays home and the woman works. If that is what works out best for the family then it is what it is. Neither side is getting off easy - taking care of house and kids is just as hard and stressful as a full time job.  Take care of your kids. Make enough money to pay the bills. Neither of these responsibilities cares whether you are a man or a woman as long as they are tended to. 






The chance to be a part of your child's young life is priceless.




I am a stay at home mom. My 15 yr. old daughter wants to be a doctor, so she has plans to have a stay at home dad when she marries and has kids. In her mind one parent should be home since that's what she knows. I hope the stay at home dad thing grows, so her husband will have some guys to hang out with at the playground.Erlp




Proudly a stay at home Dad, looking after my now 6 year old was the best experience I have had in my 36 yrs. on this beautiful Earth.  Baljas




I was a stay at home dad. I see now why they say stay at home moms should be paid the equivalent of $120,000 a year.



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