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Look for apartments so the the kids and parents can have separate bedrooms. Trying to co-exist in a one room motel room with fold away beds for the kids might be an adventure for one night, but more than that it could ruin the holiday from lack of sleep.

Watch out for places that say they are  one or more bedrooms but where one of the bedrooms is a mezzanine or cannot be shut off.  If a bedroom doesn't have a door it isn't very peaceful for the occupant. 


Kids club

Holidays are for the parents too.  Accommodation that has a kids club is a big plus. The kids enjoy the activities a kids club provide and gives the parents some adult time.. 

Watch out that many kids clubs only run during school holidays or are only open for limited times during non-school holiday periods. its always worth checking.

Even if your accommodation doesn't have a kids club, in some areas its possible to use a kids club at a nearby resort.


Rent a car

If flying to the holiday destination, consider renting a car when your there.  Bus or taxi transport for a family can be expensive and even more so than renting a small car.

A car also gives the flexibility to go where an when you want without spending valuable holiday time want for transport.    Most car rental companies can provide baby seats on request. But do get a map so the time saved isn't wasted getting lost (most companies provide maps).


MP3 Players

We have all heard of ipods and similar players.  But they are not just for music.  Load up the player with kids stories and nursery rhymes and travelling in a car will never be so peaceful.

Heaps of stories and children's songs can be downloaded via from iTunes, just follow the podcast links- most are free, iTunes can be used even if you have a MP3 player other than a ipod.


Check out the Location
It is one thing to checkout the accommodation, but it is hard to research what the surrounding area is like.  There's nothing worse than having a nice apartment with a great balcony right next to a busy road (it has happened to M@H).

Try Google maps (  It will show roads and aerial maps in quite good detail. Find where you will be staying on the maps and see if there's a freeway next door.





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