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Hobby Tools - specialist tools and materials for hobbies and where dine detail tools are needed.


Triton Saw tables - just about Men at Home's favourite tool.  Always cut a straight line. Many add ons.  Always improving.    @ Triton


Auto Shifter - while Men at Home are not normally fans of Black & Decker- they have some nifty tools.  This one is an automatic shifter that adjusts with touch of a button.  @ Black & Decker


Dremel - for those fine sanding, cutting, drilling & polishing jobs. Heaps of attachments.  Well worth a poke around their web site.       @ Dermel


This Looks dangerous - I want one!  It's a cross between a chainsaw and hedge clippers. I guess it's for those heavy duty pruning jobs - then a bow saw might do the job but not as much fun.   @ Black & Decker


Power Clean

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner.  We have all heard about the Dyson vacuum cleaners with no loss of suction.  Here's  a hand held version.  A dust buster with attitude. 

@ Dyson




Do  away with the handle. A robot that does the vacuuming.  Mow the laws and do the vacuuming at the same time. 

But check the  reviews.  Good Gear Guide  and Choice





A  useful  read 

"Speed Cleaning" 






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