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We all need them to get the job done


Fold up portable Cot.  No more space in the car when travelling try this really fold up cot.  45cm X 15 cm when folded.

@ Urban Baby

Organic Wash Cloth

Nappy Pads. You buy one pair of reusable pants, and disposable pads by the box.. Weenees Eco Pads are super-absorbent, flushable and 100% compostable.

Blow Up Baby bath.  Save space when travelling, camping etc. It has suction cups for stability and extra padding.  Cool.

  @ Urban Baby


Breathing Monitor.  If the breathing effort stops, becomes too slow or too shallow, after 15 seconds the built in stimulator will gently vibrate, stirring baby to breathe.  If this does not work after 5 seconds an audible & visual alarm sounds,

  @ Urban Baby


Compact Stroller - M@H tip - forget the big strollers.  For getting around shops and for something easy to fold and fit in the car go for a compact stroller.  The $20 -$30 ones at Target and  the like are fine.  But here's a new QuickSmart Stroller that looks good.



A new type of potty.  Kids will want to sit on it.  Anything to make the process easier.

  @ Urban Baby .   

Sun shades for strollers 

@ protect-a-bub.


A Nappy bag that's made for dads.  Not a floral in sight.

  @ Baby Express 


Long Sleeve Bib - a must - as mess goes everywhere.

  @ Baby Express 



Bib Clips - convert any serviette; tea towel or hanky into a bib.  Keep one in your wallet.

  @ Urban Baby




"It could have been any play group except for the diaper bags. No Vera Bradley flowers, no pastel polka dots. The bags lying around the living room were dark  canvas. One was red but, as its owner quickly pointed out, "very metrosexual."

Washington Post




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