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All these products can be bought online using the links to the Australian based sellers.


Costumes - Need a costume for the kids (or yourself).  

  @ Costume Box

Funky Stilts - but not too high off the ground. 

  @ Hullabaloo parties

Finger Puppet Circus.  But you will have to watch the performances.

  @ Hullabaloo parties

  @ Quick Craft.

Quick Craft - Hundreds of printable activities for children to make and do, plus craft and cooking recipes, carer/parent resources, and children's poems by an award winning Australian poet

Educational Globe. Fly around the globe and learn a bit of geography on the way.  It talks, has a joystick and sounds. 3-6yrs.

  @ Purple Turtle Toys $95.00.

Metal Detector - the kids will love fining all the things you thought you has lost. From National Geographic

  @ Hullabaloo parties

Rainbow maker. Attach to a window and when the sun shines in the solar powered motor will rotate the crystal to put on a show of rainbows.

  @ Tesora $39.95      

Noah's Ark - all wooden 

  @ Artiwood Wooden Puzzels & Toys

Belly Bumbers.  Big inflatable rings.  Comes in pairs.  There is also a larger size for the bigger kids. Too much fun.

  @ Yard Games $149.95

Kids Eco seats.

  @ NECO.

Drum-less Drumsticks with in-built speakers, hit the air and hear the drum beat.

  @LatestBuy $29.95

Alphabet Cube - Made up of 16 smaller cubes that fold out and back in again, displaying different information on a specific topic.  Aids early word recognition and phonetics.

  @ The Organised Kaos Toy Store

Inflatable boxing gloves. No need to say more.

@ LatestBuy$59.95  

Tray of Aussie Animals

  @ Artiwood Wooden Toys

Brain Jelly.  A jelly  mould in the shape of brains- so gross they will love it.

@ Cool Things $9.95/A>

Wooden Musical Blocks- bells, beads, rattles and a mirror 

  @ Urban Baby

Remote control cars.  they are small (6cm) but can go.   A problem with RC cars is that to have races each car needs to be on a different frequency which many are not.  Problem solved here, can get up to 4 with different frequencies. 

@ Cool Things $19.95 ea

Roll-up musical keyboard. 49 keys, demos songs, rhythms, etc.

  @ Cool Gifts

Foosball Table - you know you (sorry the kids) want one. @

Solar Energy Kit - show the kids what a little bit of sun can do.

  @ NECO

Go Dotty -wall stickers to decorate those walls.

  @ Wish List

Children's Chess- its never too young - you will be surprised how quickly even a 5 year old can get the basics.

  @ The Organised Kaos Toy Store

Wall Chalkboard - this chalkboard panel comes in four separate parts that can be used in different areas or put together for a larger working space.

  @ Wishlist

Sound Cubes - match the pictures to hear the sound made by what is pictured.

  @ Urban Baby

Interactive Book - as you open each page a friendly voice will sing the first line of each of  6 children's nursery favourites. Every page has  a classic nursery rhyme moving character for baby to play with and develop fine motor skills. 

  @ Purple Turtle Toys

Butterfly Mobil

  @ Urban Baby.

Planetarium - projects the stars and constellations (complete with names) onto the ceiling.

@ Wishlist  


Too Cute and Unique.

  @ Purple Turtle Toys

Ball Basher - not what you think - As the child hits the ball on top, it disappears only to be replaced immediately by the next one.

  @ Purple Turtle Toys

Great Spelling Game - make spelling fun - which is no easy task.

  @ Organised Kaos

Timber Toys - sick of plastic toys? Try these.

  @ Timber-rific Toys

Jumper - Hopper  whatever they are called - we all had one, now our kids can too.

  @ Kids Store

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