Holidays - Uluru  (Ayres Rock) 






Uluru  (Ayres Rock)  is a great experience.  Not much fun for little kids, but for those who are old enough to appreciate a remarkable landmark it's a great holiday.  You can climb the rock, but the local Aboriginals ask you not to but that doesn't stop thousands making the trek.   

We recommend doing the base walk, it has far less people and you can get a greater appreciation the rock.

Hire a car as the bus trips out to the rock are not cheap and you have a chance of missing the crowds.  The tours run by the local Aboriginals are well worth it as a cultural experience.

There is a wide variety of accommodation, from camping to very expensive 5 star, all in the one spot and apparently run by the one company.

You only need a few days there as once you "done" the rock; seen a few sunsets; gone on a tour or two; and gone out to the Olgas there's not much else to do.

Go in winter or else be prepared to do battle with the flies ad heat.





hint - to get that postcard photo is hard because at ground level there is much scrub blocking the view.  Many climb on top of their car roof.  That's ok if you have a 4WD or don't mind dinting your roof.  Another way, is put your camera on a tripod and use the camera's timer function.  Set the timer, put the camera up in the air on the tripod pointing in the right direction and when the camera fires  you will  get an uninterrupted pic.  Best with a digital camera so you can take heaps so you can make sure you get all you want in frame.